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Tea bag

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A wet tea bag being dipped into a cup of tea
A tea bag is a small, porous paper, silk or nylon sealed bag containing tea leaves for brewing tea. The bag contains the tea leaves while the tea is brewed, making it easier to dispose of the leaves, and performing the same function as a tea infuser. Some tea bags have an attached piece of string with a paper label to the top that assists in removing the bag while also identifying the variety of tea.
In countries where the use of loose tea leaves is more prevalent, the term tea bag is commonly used to describe a paper or foil wrapper packaging for loose leaves. They are usually square or rectangular envelopes with the brand name and flavour printed on them, as well as interesting decorative patterns.
1 History
2 Production
3 Tea bag shapes
4 Criticism
5 Coffee
6 Other uses for tea bags
7 References
The first tea bags were made from hand-sewn silk muslin bags and tea bag patents of this sort exist dating as early as 1903. First appearing commercially around 1904, tea bags were successfully marketed by tea and coffee shop merchant Thomas Sullivan from New York, who shipped his tea bags around the world. The loose tea was intended to be removed from the bags by customers, but they found it easier to prepare tea with the tea enclosed in the bags.[1] Modern tea bags are usually made of paper fiber. The heat-sealed paper fiber tea bag was invented by William Hermanson[citation needed], one of the founders of Technical Papers Corporation of Boston[citation needed]. Hermanson sold his patent to the Salada Tea Company in 1930[citation needed].
The rectangular tea bag was not invented until 1944. Prior to this they resembled small sacks.[1]

Three different tea bags
Tea bag paper is related to paper found in milk and coffee filters. It is made with a blend of wood and vegetable fibers. The vegetable fiber is bleached pulp abaca hemp, a small plantation tree grown for the fiber, mostly in the Philippines and Colombia. Heat-sealed tea bag paper usually has a heat-sealable thermoplastic such as PVC or polypropylene, as a component fiber on inner side of the tea bag surface.
Tea bag shapes

Circular Irish tea bags

Pyramidal silk tea bag
Traditionally, tea bags have been square or rectangular in shape. More recently circular and pyramidal bags have come on the market, and are often claimed by the manufacturers to improve the quality of the brew. This claim, however, only holds with a proper preparation.
A practical observation in the development of the tea bag from the traditional square, to the circular and finally the pyramidal bags is that the amount of adhesive used to seal the bags is reduced in each development, It could therefore be surmised that the development is not to improve the quality of the brew, but to reduce the cost of producing the bags themselves.
Empty tea bags are also available for consumers to fill with tea leaves themselves. These are typically an open-ended pouch with a long flap. The pouch is filled with an appropriate quantity of leaf tea and the flap is closed into the pouch to retain the tea. The resulting tea bag combines the ease of use of a commercially-produced tea bag with the wider tea choice and better quality control of loose leaf tea.
Because of the convenience of tea bags, a wide variety of herbs can be purchased as "tea bag cut", a grade which is specified in terms of the particle size, typically with the bulk of the leaves around 1 - 1.5 mm.
The nylon pyramidal tea bag containing tea leaf fragments instead of the tea "detritus" or dust made an appearance in the marketplace for aficionados. The pyramidal shape allows more room for the leaf to steep. Environmentalists prefer silk to nylon because of health and biodegradability issues.[2]
A well-produced tea bag, with enough space for the tea to infuse properly, is a convenient alternative to loose leaves. However, cheap tea bags may contain poor quality tea small, dusty leaves from many different sources ('floor sweepings') that tend to release tannin quicker, making the tea taste harsh.[citation needed]
Some tea drinkers claim that loose leaves brew a superior cup of tea, and believe that the ritual of handling the leaves is part of the experience of tea.[citation needed]
Recent rumours say that chlorine-whitened tea bags may cause cancer, developmental defects in newborns and so on, after minute amounts of dioxin were found in whitened tea bags [3]. It is also considered that no safe dose of toxin exists. On the other hand, no research has shown so far that using chlorine-whitened tea bags actually causes cancer in any person.
The concept of pre-measured portions to be infused in disposable bags has...(and so on)

( Ddp) Diamond Dotted Insulation Paper

Diamond dotted insulation paper is made of electrical insulating paper with diamond-shape epoxy..

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