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Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet

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Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet (more commonly New Captain Scarlet or NCS) is a United Kingdom-produced computer-generated imagery action-adventure TV series which debuted in February 2005 as part of the Ministry of Mayhem on ITV. Created by Gerry Anderson, it is a Hypermarionation reboot of the classic 1967 Supermarionation series, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.
1 Synopsis
2 Skybase
3 Regular Characters
3.1 Main Spectrum Personnel
3.2 Enemies
4 Supporting Characters
4.1 Spectrum Field Agents
4.2 Spectrum Angels
4.3 Other Characters
5 Vehicles and Aircraft
5.1 Spectrum Vehicles
5.2 Spectrum Aircraft
5.3 Other Craft
6 Episode List
7 Comparison with the original series
8 Broadcast
9 DVD Releases
10 Notes
11 External links
In the year 2068, peace on Earth is maintained by the Spectrum Organization, a super-efficient security group, headquartered in the vast floating aircraft carrier Skybase, which hovers on the edge of Earths atmosphere. Spectrum is manned by agents recruited from various military services, who are each assigned colour codenames to hide their true identities. Under the command of Colonel White, Spectrum has become the supreme peace-keeping force, maintaining a fleet of sophisticated vehicles for use by Spectrum field agents, including White Falcon Interceptor Jet Fighters, Rhino Tactical Response Units, Cheetah Rapid Response Vehicles, Stallion Raid Bikes, Albatross Special Deployment Craft, Hummingbird Helicopters, Swift Passenger Jets and Bison Alien Terrain Vehicles.
An ill-fated mission to locate the source of mysterious signals originating from Mars unleashed the power of the Mysterons, a ruthless alien consciousness. When Spectrum Captains Scarlet and Black discovered the Mysteron City on Mars, Black mistook the intentions of a Mysteron probe for a hostile offensive and opened fire, completely destroying the city. Using their incredible power of retrometabolism, the ability to recreate matter, the Mysterons reconstructed the city and pledged to take vengeance on the people of Earth for their unprovoked attack. This has taken the form of a war of nerves, with the Mysterons using their amazing powers to influence people, vehicles and inanimate objects to fall under their control. The Mysterons primary Earth agent is Captain Black, recreated from the body of the original Spectrum agent.
Spectrum's personnel and facilities are now mainly mobilised to combat the threat of the Mysterons. Leading the fight is one man fate has made virtually indestructible - Captain Scarlet. Killed during the Mysterons' initial attack, Scarlet was retrometabolised to become the aliens' instrument of destruction, but the Mysterons' hold over him was broken after he fell through a power conduit in the Skybase engineering section. Retaining the original man's memories, personality and loyalties, the new Captain Scarlet also retains the ability to survive injuries that would prove fatal to any other person, making him Spectrum's greatest weapon in their unceasing war against the menace from Mars.
Skybase is a 330-metre long command ship and the operational headquarters of Spectrum. It is permanently stationed above the clouds at 18,288m. There are six main engines to keep the base positioned in the sky and a further ten engines designed to keep Skybase balanced. Skybase is home to the fleet of high-tech Spectrum vehicles, including the squadron of Falcon aircraft.
The Falcons are handled on Skybase using a unique magnetic control system. After landing on the magna-strip runway, a circular lift lowers the plane into the hangar. Robotic arms automatically re-fuel, and re-arm guns and missiles. Using this system means that the Falcons are always action ready.
Regular Characters
Main Spectrum Personnel
Captain Scarlet (Paul Metcalfe): Leading Spectrum field agent. A 32 year old dual-nationality (British/American) former USAF and Special Forces officer, replaced by a virtually indestructible replicant. He was born in Winchester, England, and was the son of a US astronaut and a British astrophysicist. Scarlet was always quietly jealous of the relationship that had developed between Black and Destiny, himself being close to her. However, once Black is dead, Scarlets feelings for Destiny resurface and throughout the series the two start to fall in love. Scarlet has black hair and blue eyes, weighs 12 stone (76kg) and is 6ft 2in (188cm) tall. Voiced by Wayne Forester, and motion capture performance by Oliver Hollis.
Captain Blue (Adam Svenson): 32 year old American agent. A decorated former US Army officer and first class sportsman. He was born in Fort Hood, Texas, USA. Blue has blonde hair and blue eyes, weighs 12.1 stone...(and so on)

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