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Low self-discharge NiMH battery

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Example of a low self-discharge NiMH battery
The low self-discharge NiMH battery (LSD NiMH) was introduced in November 2005.[1][2][3] It reduces self-discharge and, therefore, lengthens shelf life compared to normal NiMH batteries. By using a new separator that is saturated with deionized water, manufacturers claim the batteries retain 70 to 85% of their capacity after one year when stored at 20鐧� (68鐧�), while standard NiMH batteries may lose half their charge in this time period. Low-self discharge cells are marketed as "ready-to-use" or "pre-charged" rechargeables.
Low self-discharge NiMH batteries are good for photography and other high energy requirement applications.[4] Due to the low self-discharge, they are also suitable for long-term intermittent or low-current uses; they might last up to a year between charges, much better than ordinary NiMH batteries. They can therefore also be used for electrical clocks, remote controls, etc.
Aside from their longer shelf life, and moderately higher prices, they are otherwise similar to normal NiMH batteries of equivalent capacity and can be charged with normal NiMH chargers. However they are generally available at lower capacities then the highest capacity of normal NiMH batteries.
Charge retention
It is generally claimed that low self-discharge NiMH batteries retain 90% of their charge after six months, 85% after a year and 70% after two years, when stored at 20鐧� (68鐧�).[5]
Other Benefits
Low self-discharge NiMH batteries typically have a significantly lower internal resistance than traditional NiMH batteries.[1] This has a number of desirable effects especially for high-drain applications:
Voltage is more stable (less load- and capacity-dependent). This can have a beneficial effect on runtime in electronic devices, which typically have a cut-off voltage per battery that is not much lower than NiMH's nominal voltage. (However, this can also cause some devices with battery status indicators to overestimate the remaining capacity of a nearly drained cell.)
Reduced heat buildup when the battery is quickly charged or discharged
Higher efficiency
Brand names
Low self-discharge NiMH batteries are marketed with over twenty different brand names, but only actually manufactured by five companies: Sanyo, Gold Peak, Yuasa, Vapex and Uniross.[2][6]
Sorted by brand name and product name:
AccuPower AccuLoop
AgfaPhoto direct energy
Alcava All in One
Ansmann maxE
Conrad Electronic Endurance
Duracell ActiveCharge
Duracell Pre-charged
Gold Peak ReCyko
GS Yuasa eNiTIME
H?hnel Synergy
Kodak Pre Charged
Maha Powerex Imedion
Memorex MemoReady
Nexcell EnergyON
Panasonic INFINIUM[7]
Panasonic R2
President's Choice Pre-charged
Powertech Enekeep
Radio Shack Precharged
Rayovac Hybrid
Sanyo Eneloop[8][9][10]
SBS BiReady
SKB ready2use
Sony CycleEnergy[11] (manufactured by Sanyo[12])
Sunmol AnyEnow
Titanium Enduro
Uniross Hybrio[13] (also 9V 210 mAh)
VARTA Consumer Batteries Ready2Use
Vapextech Instant
Sanyo Eneloop
Sanyo's Eneloop batteries are one brand of low self-discharge NiMH battery, rated at capacities of 800mAh for AAA, 2000mAh for AA, 3000mAh for C, and 5700mAh for D batteries (C and D sizes announced August 2008).[14]
A Sanyo official has stated:[5]
"The Eneloop batteries are sold charged, but not necessarily 100% fully charged. In Europe we charge them about 75%."
"Several long term tests have shown that the self-discharge rate decreases over time. This means that Eneloop batteries discharge relatively fast at the beginning and relatively slower the longer you store them."
"Higher temperatures substantially increase self-discharging. It is best to store Eneloops as cool as possible to keep the charge in the battery. As a rule-of-thumb, every 10鐧� increase in storage temperature is equivalent to doubling the discharge rate."
"The chemical decomposition of the cathode has been reduced substantially by the use of a new super lattice alloy."
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