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Calcium deficiency (plant disorder)

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Calcium (Ca) deficiency is a plant disorder that can be caused by insufficient calcium in the growing medium, but is more frequently a product of a compromised nutrient mobility system in the plant.[1] This may be due to water shortages, which slow the transportation of calcium to the plant, or can be caused by excessive usage of potassium or nitrogen fertilizers.[citation needed]
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Calcium deficiency symptoms appear initially as generally stunted plant growth, necrotic leaf margins on young leaves or curling of the leaves, and eventual death of terminal buds and root tips. Generally the new growth of the plant is affected first. The mature leaves may be affected if the problem persists.[2]
Crop-specific symptoms include[citation needed]:
'Bitter pit' fruit skins develop pits, brown spots appear on skin and/or in flesh and taste of those areas is bitter. Usually occurs when fruit is in storage. Bramley apples are particularly susceptible. Has relation to boron deficiency, "water cored" apples seldom display bitter pit effects.
Cabbage and Brussels sprouts
Internal browning.
'Cavity spot' oval spots develop into craters which may be invaded by other disease causing organisms.[3]
Stunted growth, central leaves stunted.
Tomatoes and peppers
'Blossom end rot' Symptoms start as sunken, dry decaying areas at the blossom end of the fruit, furthest away from the stem, not all fruit on a truss is necessarily affected. Sometimes rapid growth from high-nitrogen fertilizers may cause blossom end rot.
Calcium deficiency can be rectified by adding Agricultural lime to acid soils, aiming at a pH of 6.5, unless the plant in question specifically prefers acidic soil. Organic matter should be added to the soil in order to improve its moisture-retaining capacity.[citation needed]
Plant damage is difficult to reverse, so take corrective action immediately. Make supplemental applications of calcium nitrate at 200 ppm nitrogen. Test and correct the pH if needed because calcium deficiency is often associated with low pH.[citation needed]
^ "Plant Physiology Online: 5.1 Symptoms of Deficiency In Essential Minerals".
^ E. W. Simon. "The Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency in Plants". 2-4.
^ Dr. Harry A. Mills. "The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Department of Horticulture - Carrot". 3-4.
External links
Example of blossom end rot on Roma tomatoes
Blossom End Rot - symptoms, cause and management - The Ohio State University Extension

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