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Paris Observatory

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Coordinates: 4850?11.18?N 220?11.42?E? / ?48.8364389鐧� 2.3365056鐧�? / 48.8364389; 2.3365056

Paris Observatory
The Paris Observatory (in French, Observatoire de Paris or Observatoire de Paris-Meudon) is the foremost astronomical observatory of France, and one of the largest astronomical centers in the world.
1 Constitution
2 History
3 Directors
4 Facilities
4.1 Paris
4.2 Meudon
4.3 Nan?ay
4.4 Saint-V闁瀉n
5 References
6 Bibliography
7 External links
Administratively, it is a "great establishment" of the ministry charged with higher education, with a status close to that of a public university. Its missions include:[1]
research in astronomy and astrophysics;
education (four graduate programs, Ph.D. studies);
diffusion of knowledge to the public.

Meridian Room (or Cassini Room) at the Paris Observatory. The Paris Meridian is traced on the floor.
It maintains a solar observatory at Meudon (4848?18.32?N 213?51.61?E? / ?48.8050889鐧� 2.2310028鐧�? / 48.8050889; 2.2310028) and a radio astronomy observatory at Nan?ay.[1] It was also the home to the International Time Bureau until its dissolution in 1987.[2]
Its foundation lies in the ambitions of Jean-Baptiste Colbert to extend France's maritime power and international trade in the 17th century. Louis XIV promoted its construction starting in 1667,[3] its being completed in 1671. The architect was probably Claude Perrault whose brother, Charles, was secretary to Colbert and superintendent of public works.[4] Optical instruments were supplied by Giuseppe Campani. The buildings were extended in 1730, 1810, 1834, 1850, and 1951.[3] The last extension incorporates the spectacular Meridian Room designed by Jean Prouv.[5]
The world's first national almanac, the Connaissance des temps was published by the observatory in 1679, using eclipses in Jupiter's satellites to aid sea-fairers in establishing longitude. In 1863, the observatory published the first modern weather maps. In 1882, a 33cm astrographic lens was constructed, an instrument that catalysed the ill-fated, international Carte du Ciel project.[citation needed]
In November 1913, the Paris Observatory, using the Eiffel Tower as an antenna, exchanged sustained wireless (radio) signals with the United States Naval Observatory to determine the exact difference of longitude between the two institutions.[6]
Giovanni Cassini (1671-1712)
Jacques Cassini (1712-1756)
C闁焌r-Fran?ois Cassini de Thury (1756-1784)
Dominique, comte de Cassini (1784-1793)
Joseph J闁�?me Lefran?ais de Lalande (1795-1800)
Pierre M闁廻ain (1800-1804)
Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre (1804-1822)
Alexis Bouvard (1822-1843)
Fran?ois Arago (1843-1853)
Urbain Le Verrier (1854-1870)
Charles-Eug閼瀍 Delaunay (1870-1873)
Urbain Le Verrier (1873-1877)
Am闁愰枒 Mouchez (1878-1892)
F闁榠x Tisserand (1892-1896)
Maurice Loewy (1896-1907)
Benjamin Baillaud (1908-1926)
Henri-Alexandre Deslandres (1926-1929)
Ernest Esclangon (1929-1944)
Andr Danjon (1945-1963)
Jean-Fran?ois Denisse (1963-1967)
Jean Delhaye (1967-1971)
Raymond Michard (1971-1976)
Jacques Boulon (1976-1981)
Pierre Charvin (1981-1991)
Michel Combes (1991-1999)
Pierre Couturier (1999-2003)
Daniel Egret (2003-)
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Solar Observatory Tower
Solar Observatory Tower Meudon
Chateau de Meudon
LESIA space and astrophysics instrumentation research laboratory[7]
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This section requires expansion.
Also known as the Observatoire du Pic de Chateau Renard, the Observatoire de Saint-V闁瀉n was built in 1974 on top of the Pic de Chateau Renard (2900 m), on the commune of Saint-V闁瀉n in the Haut Queyras (Hautes Alpes d闁渁rtement). A coronograph was in operation there for ten years; the dome was moved there from the Perrault building of the Observatoire de Paris.[citation needed]
Nowadays, the AstroQueyras amateur astronomy association operates the facility, using a 60 cm telescope on loan from the Observatoire de Haute Provence. Numerous asteroids have been discovered there.[8]
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