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Zoom Corporation

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Zoom Corporation
Tokyo, Japan (1983)
Key people
Michihito Nozokido, president
Audio Equipment
Multi-effects, Amps, etc
Zoom is a Japanese audio company that is distributed in the U.S. under the Samson family of companies. Zoom produce effects pedals for guitars and basses, recording equipment, drum machines, among other products. Most of their products are aimed at the amateur market although they also produce some high quality rack effects units used by professionals.
Zoom first gained worldwide attention with the release of the 9002 guitar belt processor. Roughly 1.5 times the size of a cigarette pack, the 9002 was one of the smallest multi-effect devices at the time. The unit combined analog compression and pre-amp circuitry with digital effects in an attempt to substitute for the traditional effects/amplifier chain. They would later put these effects into an amp-top-box called the 9000. It came with a 5 button floor pedal, one to change the bank and then 4 preset selections within that bank. Four effects on 4 banks resulted in 16 presets that the user can edit.
Over the years, Zoom has become widely known for producing budget-friendly multi-effects. For many guitar and bass players, a Zoom unit was the first multi-effect they could afford, before they moved on to bigger and better, or discarded multi-fx altogether in favor of standalone effects pedals that are typically designed to provide just one type of sound effect. Consequently, Zoom's reputation as a company that builds high quality multi-fx has been tarnished somewhat.
Zoom has always built their products around their own microchip designs. Their ZFX-3, is a 32-bit processor that is capable of processing digital audio at 96kHz with 24-bit A/D/A conversion. As of 2006, this chip is one generation more powerful than that of direct competitors such as Boss, Line6, Yamaha and Rocktron. The current Zoom flagship model is the G9.2tt multi-fx and amp modeler.
1 Products
1.1 Effect processors
1.1.1 Guitar effect processors
1.1.2 Bass guitar effect processors
1.1.3 Acoustic guitar effect processors
1.1.4 Studio rack mountable effect processors
1.2 Digital recorders
1.3 Rhythm machines
1.4 Guitar amplifiers
2 External links
Effect processors
Guitar effect processors
Similar to the Zoom G9.2tt with omission of the "3d" pedal, second tube (valve) and effects loop. The unit also has a reduced number of foot switches and effects models.
Zoom G9.2tt
Effects processor and amplifier modelling unit. Solid steel body with switches. 120 different effects, controllable in real time via 2 sweller pedals (one of them is a "3D pedal", which can be moved vertically and horizontically in order to control two parameters with one pedal). A maximum of 10 simultaneous effects may be used. The unit has two 12AX7A preamp tubes that can amplify the signal in a tube or a solid-state based circuit. These functions are referred to as "tube energizer" and "tube accelerator", each of them utilizing one of the two tubes. The unit can simulate 28 different amp models, and altogether 43 amps and cabinets. User presets can be saved in 100 editable user patches, which exist in addition to and separately from 100 non-editable factory presets. Further features include an USB interface, MIDI In / Out, a statically-placed effects loop, 24-bit A/D/A conversion, and an auxiliary input, among others. The 9.2tt is the flagship of the G-series by Zoom.
Zoom GFX-5
Solid steel body, easy-to-tag pedals, hundreds of possible effect combinations, drum machine, sampling.
The GFX-5 has 75 different guitar effects. You can use up to 10 effects simultaneously.
The GFX-5 also includes an "Energize" feature, which is intended to emphasize upper harmonics and higher frequencies in such a way as to allow the guitarist to cut through the mix.

ZOOM GFX-8 unit
This is the flagship of the GFX series. It has solid steel dark green body with opto based pedal on the right and red LED display on the top left. It uses the Variable Architecture Modeling System (V.A.M.S ) technology. In general, there are three main internal modules: for drive, for modulation and for delay. The unit allows high level of distortion customization by using specialized software. It also allows using external distortion. The technology used in the unit does not allow full reordering of the effects but allows some of modulation effects like wah and phaser to be...(and so on) To get More information , you can visit some products about Single Screw Extruder, Grape Seed Oil, . The products should be show more here!

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