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MaK / Vossloh G1206

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(Redirected from British Rail Class 21 (Vossloh))
"British Rail Class 21 (Vossloh)" redirects here. For older diesel locomotives built 19581960, see British Rail Class 21.
MaK G 1206 / Vossloh G 1206
MaK 1206-2 diesel hydraulic locomotive, number 603 of the Eisenbahn und H?fen
Power type
MaK / Vossloh in Kiel
Build date
G 1206[1]: 1997 -G 1206-2[1]: 2007 -
Total production
G 1206: 167+G 1206-2:
UIC classification
1,435mm (4ft 8?in)
Wheel diameter
1000/920 mm (new/worn) [2]
Locomotive weight
G 1206: 8090 tonnes[2]G 1206-2: 84-90 tonnes[2]
Fuel capacity
3500 l[2]
Engine type
G 1206:CAT 3512 B DITA-SC[2]or MTU 12 V 4000 R41[2]alsoMTU 16V 396 TC14[3] */***or MTU TC14 12V 4000 R20[3] **G 1206-2:CAT 3508 B DITA-SC
G 1206: 16 (or 12 **)[3]G 1206-2: 8
G 1206: Voith L5r4zU2[3]also Voith L5r4zeU2 ***G 1206-2: Voith L4r4zeU2[2]
Top speed
G 1206:60/100 km/h with Voith L5r4zeU2 transmission[3] ***100km/h Caterpillar engine and L5r4zU2 transmissionalso80km/h with MTU engine and Voith L54rzU2 transmission[3] */**G 1206-2: 50 km/h[1]
Power output
G 1206:1500kW[1]or 1570kW with MTU 16V 396 TC14[3] */***G 1206-2: 920kW[1]
Tractive effort
282 kN (starting with 87.3t loco @ ?=0.33[1])
Locomotive brakes
Wheel disc brake, hydrodynamic brake optional[2]
RAG *Dortmunder Eisenbahn GmbH **Swedish rail administration ***
The Vossloh G1206 is a B'B' diesel hydraulic freight locomotive built in Kiel and used by several European railway operators including a SNCF specific variant the BB 461000 series.
The design was created in the mid-1990s by Maschinenbau Kiel (MaK) for German coal supplier RAG Aktiengesellschaft (RAG AG) and is a follow-on to the MaK G1205 locomotive class built as SNCB Class 77. Production continued under Vossloh ownership of the Kiel plant[4]
In 2007 a shunting specific variant, the G1206-2 was created and began production.
1 History and design
1.1 Variants and orders
1.1.1 Summary
1.2 G1206-2
2 References and notes
2.1 Other sources
3 See also
4 External links
History and design
In the 1990s the de-monopolisation and liberalisation of the railways of member states of the EU meant that private companies could access formerly state-owned track. With this came numerous private operators running locomotives on the main line for the first time. MaK had previously been quite successful in providing freight locomotives for industrial use to various companies. The G 1201 and G 1205 models (and intermediate variants) had been examples of the type of locomotives larger private companies had used. These locomotives were suitable for pulling fairly heavy freight consists as well as shunting. However track access charges (as well as the necessity not to interrupt passenger trains) meant that on the main lines freight trains must run much faster than they did in an industrial environment.
As a consequence Vossloh introduced the G 1206; it was based on the G 1205 but was substantially more powerful allowing it to pull freight trains at a higher speed (or simply pull heavier trains). Thus the 12-cylinder engine of the G 1205 was replaced with a 16-cylinder engine, because of this along with the increase size of the auxiliary equipment required the new locomotive was almost 2 metres longer than its 1180 kW predecessor.[3][5]
The cab is situated approximately above one of the bogies, with doors opening onto walkways on both sides along the rest of the locomotive; the external design is functional, with flat steels and right angles predominating.
Variants and orders
The initial versions had a MTU engine (the 16 V 396 TC14); two variants were built either with or without a two-speed voith transmission - versions with the two-speed transmissions had a lower gear limiting the maximum speed to ~60km/h but giving greater torque.
The initial order from RAG had single speed transmission - 11 were built; the top speed was limited to 80km/h.
A further four machines were built with a single gear transmission otherwise identical design except for the use of a 12-cylinder engine from MTU of almost equal power to the previous 16-cylinder version; these were for Dortmunder Eisenbahn GmbH (literally Dortmund railway). They were numbered 401 to 404, number 403 can be seen here in action in its green and yellow livery:[1]
Six units were built with the speed transmission for the Banverket (Swedish rail administration) for delivery to Borl?nge[3][6] In addition to modifications for cold weather operation the running gear...(and so on)

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