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Honda CX series

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CX series
GL500 Silverwing, ST series (influenced)
500673cc water-cooled longitudinal OHV 80 V-twin, 4 valves per cylinder
50-77 hp (97 hp turbo)
The Honda CX series motorcycles (including the GL500 and GL650 variants) were developed and released in the late 1970s, with production ending in most markets by the mid 1980s. The design included innovative features and technologies that were uncommon or unused at the time such as: liquid cooling, electric-only starting, low-maintenance shaft drive, Com-Star modular wheels, and dual CV-type carburettors that were tuned for reduced emissions. The electronic ignition system was separated from the rest of the electrical system, enabling the motorcycle to be push-started and ridden in case of a total electrical system failure.
In their day these bikes were much favoured by commercial despatch riders in the UK.
It was Honda's plan that the CX series would compete favorably with smaller Moto Guzzi and BMW cycles. Therefore a lot of resources were invested in achieving an optimum design the first time. The CX series motorcycles are considered to be a great all-purpose medium-sized standard with city-bike reliability and heavier short to medium range sport-touring capability. The CX continues to be an increasing fan-base to the present day and are having a renaissance as people find older examples worthy of restoration.
1 Power train
1.1 Engine
1.2 Transmission
1.3 Wheels
2 Chassis
3 Problems
4 Variants
4.1 CX500
4.2 CX500 Turbo
4.3 CX500 Custom
4.4 CX500 Deluxe
4.5 GL500 Silverwing
4.6 GL650 Silverwing
4.7 CX650C
4.8 CX650ED
4.9 CX650T
4.10 Other Variants
5 Influence of CX design
6 References
7 External links
Power train
The CX series motorcycles feature a crankshaft configuration aligned longitudinally with the axis of bike, sometimes called a "flying" V-twin, because the cylinders point up on either side of the motorcycle but are not symmetrical. The CX was the first V-twin motorcycle that Honda ever built. Honda built a prototype CX350 but it was never released to the public. In this version the cylinders did not have the characteristic 22degree twist.[1] Initially conceived as having a full 90degree angle between the cylinders like the similar Italian Moto Guzzi machines, early testers reported that the prototypes were too smooth. Also, the carburettors, which projected directly rearward from the cylinders, tended to interfere with the knees of riders. Subsequent engine designs had their V-angle tightened somewhat to 80degrees, and the heads twisted inward at the rear by 22degrees.
An innovative design places the crankshaft *above* the transmission, with both in the same housing. This keeps the engine short but quite tall.
The engine design combines a 10.0:1 compression ratio and 9,650rpm redline with overhead valves and a camshaft nestled at the base of the V between the cylinders. There are four overhead valves per cylinder, with unique forked rocker arms acting off each pushrod. The engine runs well on 87octane petrol. It delivers nearly 50hp (37kW) at 9500rpm with high low-speed torque characteristics. The Honda CX series machines claimed to outperform other motorcycles of comparable displacement. The motorcycle readily achieves a fuel efficiency of 45 miles per gallon, with figures of over 50mpg not at all uncommon[citation needed]. Moto Guzzi, however, with their contemporary V50 Monza, delivered 48hp at 7600rpm. This was from an aircooled, 2 valve 90 V-twin which delivered well over 55mpg but also had the standard Italian foibles of the time with its questionable electric reliability. This Guzzi model is little known outside Europe, so a direct comparison with Honda's CX 500 is possible only on paper or amongst motorcycle enthusiasts.[2]
The cylinder bores are cast in the crankcase which complicates the overhaul process although many examples have gone 200,000 miles or more without any major engine work.
The transmission spins opposite the engine crank to counteract the engine torque's tendency to tip the bike slightly to one side when the throttle is opened or closed. The gear shift lever is moved with the usual up-down motion of the left foot, but instead of rocking in a forward-backward motion as on regular bikes, it moves left-right. This difference is transparent to the rider, however, and requires no change in shifting technique. It also means that it is not possible to adjust foot peg and gear lever setup when personalizing riding position.
Power is transferred via an enclosed splined driveshaft with one universal joint. The shaft drives a bevel gear to which the...(and so on)

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