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Armenia, Colombia

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Nickname(s): "Miracle City"
Motto: "Trabajo y Civilizaci" (work and civilization)
Location of the city and municipality of Armenia in the Quindio Department
Coordinates: 431?43?N 7542?15?W? / ?4.52861 75.70417? / 4.52861; -75.70417
1,365m (4,478ft)
Population (2004)
Government of Armenia's official website
Armenia is the capital of Quind, a department in Colombia. The city is located at coordinates 4.5170 north, 75.6830 west, 290 kilometers west of Bogot. Armenia is a mid-size city located between Bogot, Medell and Cali, the 3 largest Colombian cities. The city's area code for phone calls is 096. Its average temperature is between 18 - 22 . Raipur, India is the latest to become a sister city of Armenia (see list of twin towns and sister cities). It's one of the three that forms the Colombian Coffee-Growers Axis. Perhaps one of the most attractive areas in Colombia.
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Armenia was founded in October 15, 1889 by Jes Maria Ocampo, also known as "Tigrero" (translates to "tiger killer") due to his love of hunting jaguars, known locally as tigers. Ocampo came from Anaime, Tolima, looking for shelter in the mountains of Quind since he was running away from General Gallo. He paid one hundred pesos in gold coins to Antonio Herrera for the land in which to build a fonda, or trade center, not only for himself but also for other colonists who calme from Salento, Antioquia, Manizales and areas surrounding the Quind River and La Vieja River. Ocampo then proceeded to sell land for settlement. To encourage settlement, Ocampo returned to Anaime to ask for the help of his friend Juan de La Cruz Cardona, and to marry thirteen year-old Arsenia Cardona. Six months after its founding, in August 1890, Armenia had reached a population of 100 people, allowing it to gain legal recognition by the government. The city was initially called Villa Holguin, in honor of the then-current president of the country. It is believed the name was changed to Armenia in memory of the Armenian people murdered in the Turkish ottoman Hamidian Massacres of 1894-97 in Western Armenia.
Despite Armenia's quickly expanding economy at the time, the means of transportation were still very limited. The main form of transporting people and merchandise was by mule, due to the mountainous terrain surrounding the city. It was not until the construction of the first asphalt road in 1927 to Zarzal in the Cauca river valley that transportation was improved.
Nowadays, the city combines its contemporary development with the all traditional ways of its forefathers' heritage, like the historic Liberator Pathway, the path used by Colombia's 19th century Liberator Simon Bolar to move his army between the west of the country and Santa Fe de Bogot during his successful independence campaign from Spain, currently one of the top two tourist destinations in Colombia.
The 1999 Armenia earthquake caused devastation in Armenia. In January 25, 1999, at 1:19 P.M. (local time), the city was devastated by an earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter Scale. The earthquake caused extensive damage to the city, mainly because of poor construction codes and aging buildings. The earthquake claimed several thousand lives and left over 200,000 people homeless. Since then, international aid has helped rebuild and expand the city. Numerous new government buildings and highways have been constructed.
It is estimated that a large earthquake, approximately 6-7 in magnitude, will hit this area every 20 years due to high seismic activity. It can be explained by the triple junction that occurs at the northwest corner of the South American Plate where the Nazca, Cocos, and Pacific plates converge.

A coffee farmer meticulously sorts Coffee beans
Armenia is often referred to as "Ciudad Milagro" (Miracle City) due to its fast urban growth and development. The local economy main trade is still based on the production of coffee, plantains, and bananas.
To the south of the city as it gets closer to sea level, the temperature favors not only Quindio's agricultural economy, but a renewed tourist industry in the shape of villas for rent, theme parks, eco-hoteles and family day leisure centers, not excluding all time favorites like local cuisine restaurants, exhibition centers and country clubs specialized in fishing, tennis, golf, cart racing and other sports. Many traditional plantations...(and so on)

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