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Salt and pepper shakers

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Salt and pepper shakers, along with a sugar dispenser.
Salt and pepper shakers are condiment holders used in Western culture that are designed to allow food eaters to distribute edible salt and ground pepper.[1] This is a conjoined term for salt shaker and pepper shaker.
Salt and pepper shakers can be made from a variety of substances, including plastic, glass, metal, and ceramic.[2] Except in the most casual dining establishments, they are usually provided as a matched set, sometimes distinguishable only by the number of holes on the top of the shaker. Designs range from small, plain glass screw-top containers (invented by John Landis Mason, inventor of the Mason jar) to more ornate works of art. Sometimes the design refers to some pair of related objects, such as a replica of a West Highland White Terrier containing the salt and a Scottish Terrier containing the pepper. Designs may also relate to specific occasions, such as holidays.
As a result of this diversity of design, collecting salt and pepper shakers is a hobby.[3][4][5][6][7][8]
Design of salt and pepper shakers has also been used to transmit cultural perspectives about race,[9][10] friendships,[11] and other cultural values.[12]
The number and size of holes on salt shakers has been observed to influence consumption of salt, within limits, and it has been suggested that proper selection of shakers delivering smaller amounts may be a means to improve diet by reducing sodium consumption.[13][14]
As an alternative to salt and pepper shakers, pepper may be distributed at the table by use of a pepper grinder, while salt may be distributed from a salt cellar, or less frequently now, a salt mill.
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