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For the Greenville, South Carolina AM radio station, see WLFJ (AM).
For the Greenville, South Carolina FM radio station, see WESC-FM.
WeSC (WE are the Superlative Conspiracy), or WE as it's casually known, is a Swedish clothing brand, focusing mainly on skateboarding/street style clothing. Founded in ?rebro 1999, it has quickly become one of Sweden's most popular brands, within Sweden as well as internationally. WESC has their own stores in among other places Tokyo, Beverly Hills, M榛眂hen, Berlin, Paris and New York, as well as being sold in a large number of other cities [1].
50% of the shares of WESC are owned by the founders (among them the president Greger Hagelin), and another 20% is owned by Swedish industry tycoon Antonia Ax:son Johnson's investment group Novax.
The brand first became famous through sponsoring many Swedish underground artists and musicians with connections to the skating world with clothes, and little to no other marketing. Among the first to sport WESC clothes were Swedish hip hop acts Looptroop and Timbuktu. This helped WESC to gain an underground, "alternative" image which turned out to be very popular with many young Swedish consumers, critical of other companies and their perceived "greediness". WESC is still sponsoring many famous personalities with clothing, which they refer to as "activists" or "weactivists", among them Jason Lee, Peter Stormare, Fabri Fibra, Jerry Hsu, Millencolin and Mikael Persbrandt.
This strategy has also made WESC come under fire because of their constructed "underdog" image, when they in fact are one of Sweden's biggest clothing companies. One of their stores in Stockholm was situated between Gucci and Cerutti on Birger Jarlsgatan, one of the posher streets of the city. Some of their former "activists" have also spoken out how they regret promoting the brand, for example the hip-hop crew Looptroop. Emcee Promoe told the Swedish music magazine "la musik" it came to a point where he felt "it was too much" and thought "What have I done?" [2].
WESC is working hard on increasing their sales in the USA, as they reportedly feel the market in Sweden is already saturated, and in order to keep their underground image, they wouldn't want to be bigger there than they already are. [3]
In 2009 WESC commissioned a new advertising agency, MD70 to create 4 short-film vignettes featuring WESC Activists and has since been appointed to create the Fall/Winter 2009 advertising campaign.
List of WEactivists
Michi Albin
Ingemar Backman
Mark Baines
Scott Dixon
Mika Edin
Love Eneroth
Zach Gonzales
Amy Gunther
DJ Stretch
DJ Sandok
Alexander Edman WickEd
Steve Forstner
Mercedes Heinwein
Jerry Hsu
Ray Barbee
Richie L?ffler
Gino Iannucci
Jason Lee
Ed Leigh
Larry Lindvall
Jussi Oksanen
Chris Pastras
Clint Peterson
Alex Prager
Beth Reisgraf
Chad Robertson
Daniel Shimizu
Austin Stephens
Peter Stormare
Marcel Struwer
Per Str?mberg
Jonas Wiehager
Steve Aoki
Darrell Mathes
Brian Brown
Cooper Wilt
Fabri Fibra (Italian rapper)
Jaleel White
Tuukka Korhonen
External links
Official Sites
WeSC official site
WeSC Corporate site (Swedish)
WeSC official UK site
Interview with Format Mag
WeSC Reviews & News
Sydsvenskan article on celebrities regretting promoting We (Swedish)
Article: Comparison of WeSC headphones
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