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Oaks Park High School

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Oaks Park High School
Learning together, achieving together
comprehensive community school
Mr S J Wilks
Music College
Newbury ParkIlfordEssexEngland
Ofsted number
80 (approx.)
11 to 18
Oaks Park High School Website
Oaks Park High School (OPHS) is a comprehensive secondary school and sixth form situated in the London Borough of Redbridge in East London and has around 2000 students and over 80 staff. As of 2008 the school has reached full capacity.
The school is currently on loan from a building society for 25 years, it was built on the grounds of an abandoned park. Oaks Park is a specialist Music College and their current GCSE result is marginally above the national average in England.
1 Staff
2 Uniform
3 Subjects
4 Sports
5 Achievements
6 References
7 External links
The school currently employs over 80 staff whose jobs range from senior management to teaching assistants. This is the most up to date list of staff who work at OPHS.[1]:
Headteacher Mr. S.J. Wilks
Deputy Headteacher Mr. D Dutch
Deputy Headteacher Mrs L Gleeson
Deputy Headteacher Mr K. Wyre
Assistant Headteacher Mr. G. Hill
Assistant Headteacher Mr. J. Hawthorne
Head of Year 7 Ms S Kember
Head of Year 8 Mr. C Foster
Head of Year 9 Mr. D Cullen
Head of Year 10 Mr S Ritchie
Head of Year 11 Mrs Y Corton
Director of Sixth Form Mrs. R. Hill
Head of Years 12 & 13 Mr. T. Edworthy
Team Leader for Art Ms. M. Allum
Team Leader for Business Studies Mrs. P. Bailey
Team Leader for Citizenship/PSHE Mrs. M. Dutch
Manager for Curriculum Access Mr. M Ellison
Team Leader for Design & Technology Mr. D. Oliver
Team Leader for English Mrs A Day
Team Leader for Humanities Ms. D Freeman
Co-ordinator for ICT Mr. P. Rees
Team Leader for Mathematics Mr. S. Froggatt
Team Leader for Modern Languages Mr A Hayes
Team Leader for Performing Arts Mrs J Purton
Team Leader for P.E. Ms L. Petrie
Team Leader for Science Mr. M. Smith
Leader for Social Sciences Ms K Fenn
Director of Music Specialism Ms S McGuigan
Head of Language Support (M.E.A.S.) Ms. F. Zossimova
P.A. to Headteacher/Office Manager Mrs. J. Sedin
Finance & Business Manager Ms. A Giardelli
Finance Admin Officer Mrs. L. Cutmore
Cover and Data Manager Miss D Ford
Data/Clerical Assistant Ms T Allingham
Receptionist/Clerical Assistant Mrs. A. Green
Receptionist/Clerical Assistant Ms. J Morales
Examinations & Student Support Officer Ms. D. Lester
ICT Network Manager Mr. I. Burridge
Learning Resource Centre Manager (Library) Mrs. L. Hayes
Pastoral Support Assistant (for Year 7) Mrs. M Scanlan
Pastoral Support Assistant (for Year 8) Mrs. E Green
Pastoral Support Assistant (for Year 9) Ms. N Mitchell
Pastoral Support Assistant (for Year 10) Mrs. K Bellingham
Pastoral Support Assistant (for Year 11) Mrs J Gibbard
Parent Support Adviser Mrs B Piercy
Parent Support Adviser Mr N Sang
Safer Schools Liaison Officer P.C. P Slater
The school is recognised in its local area for its distinctive green blazers and colourful yellow and green ties. The colour scheme of the uniform was decided to be this colour in order to correspond the school to the preservation of the environment, and also to make the students look distinctive and easy to recognise.
The normal Oaks Park uniform consists of the following:[2]
Green Blazer and school badge
School tie green and gold stripes
Black V-neck jersey (optional)
White shirt with collar
Box pleat black skirt (sensible length)
Loose fitting black school trousers (classic style)
Low heeled black shoes.
Headscarves must be dark green or black.
The current PE kit of the school is the following:[3]
BOYS Indoor
White polo shirt with school logo
Black football shorts with logo
White ankle socks
BOYS Outdoor
Green reversible rugby shirt with school logo
Black football shorts
Plain black jogging bottoms (optional but must have school logo)
Green football socks
Football boots
Green long sleeved sweatshirt with logo (optional)
GIRLS Indoor
White polo shirt with logo
Black shorts with logo
White...(and so on)

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