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Adidas Copa Mundial

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The Copa Mundial (World Cup) soccer shoe was released in 1979 but designed for the 1982 FIFA World Cup. Going through very slight changes since then the Copa is made of a 100% kangaroo leather upper for maximum ball control.[1] The thin leather also forms to the foot and is easy to break in.
In 2007 Adidas put out a 25th anniversary package for the Copa. This limited edition package included a specialized box along with wooden shoe trees, leather polish, a key chain, and a special cloth. The boot was also slightly variated with the "Copa Mundial" writing on the side of the boot being printed in a gold colour.
With the release of the 25th anniversary package Copa Mundial jackets, shirts and other apparel were also released.
Variations to the boot include the Adidas World Cup which has metal screw-in studs for soft ground,as well as a different sole plate.
^ Bulwa, Demian (2007-07-24). "CALIFORNIA Soccer shoes of kangaroo hide booted". San Francisco Chronicle. Archived from the original on 2008-07-13. Retrieved on 2008-06-13.
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