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Front page of 21 May 2007 issue of Exepos
Fortnightly newspaper
University of Exeter Students' Guild
Rhiannon Bury and Chris Erasmus
Political allegiance
Cornwall House, Streatham Campus, University of Exeter
c. 5,000
Exepos is the official student-run newspaper of the University of Exeter.[1] The newspaper is read by the vast majority of students at the University of Exeter and has a circulation of up to 12,000. The paper is free and published fortnightly during term time.[2] It includes a number of sections including news, features, lifestyle and sport. Rated & Reviewed provides students with information on the latest films, book, music and videogames.
Exepos is compiled by a team of around 20 section editors and headed by two editors, two deputy editors and an R+R editor.[3] It was the winner of the NUS Student Publication of the Year 2008 and is used as a forum for reportage and debate of both national and student-related issues. As of the 2006 - 2007 academic year it became be a full colour fortnightly paper available to all students at the Streatham and St. Luke's campuses.[2]
1 History
2 Technical background
3 Current Section Editors
4 Awards and nominations
4.1 National Student Journalism Awards
4.2 Guardian Student Media Awards
4.3 NUS Awards
5 References
6 External links
Exepos released its first issue to the students of Exeter University in 1987, although the existence of a student newspaper in some form can be traced back to the 1938 when the latest news was presented in a broadsheet format newspaper called The South Westerner.[4] During the early to mid 1990s, Exepos was produced on a typewriter in an eight-page A4 booklet format, with sections including news, reviews, sport and an agony aunt feature.[5]
In the mid 1990s, Exepos became a weekly tabloid newspaper, ranging in size from 8 to 12 pages, and printed by Express & Echo Publications (which has since gone through several name and structural changes, its publishing arm now know as Harmsworth Printing).[6] During the late 1990s, Exepos began to increase in size to 16-20 pages on average, some of these pages in spot colour or full colour. Between 2,000 and 2,500 papers were printed for each issue, distributed to drop-off points at Devonshire House and Cornwall House on Streatham Campus and St. Luke's Campus.

Exepos Logo 1997-2005.
In 1997, a new Exepos logo was designed based on the Carlsberg logo (as shown in the gallery below) and from 1997-2000 the paper proclaimed itself to be 'Probably the Best Student Newspaper in the World'.[7] The logo is the longest running in the paper's short history, its use spanning 8 years and over 150 issues.[8] In 2006 this logo was replaced by a new masthead which reflected was more similar to national newspaper mastheads. After months in use this was in turn replaced by the current mast head in May 2007. [9]
In 2007 the paper hit national headlines after Boris Johnson made controversial comments on the subject of the death of an Exeter student in an interview with the paper. His criticism of the University's Athletic Union and its ban on initiation ceremonies was featured by the BBC, The Sun, The Guardian, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, The Times and Daily Mail. [10] Johnson later made a statement regarding the intention of his comments on his website. [11]
Exepos's parent site X-Media Online launched a new website for the newspaper in September 2007 as part of an overhaul of all student media sites at the University of Exeter and saw more content put online. An online team was formed with promises of more news, reviews and debate. [12]
The 2007/08 academic year marks the newspaper's 20th birthday.
In 2008, the R&R section was redesigned so as to be a part of the main newspaper, rather as a separate pull-out, in an effort to increase readership of the section.
In June 2008, writing from Exepose newspaper was showcased in the inaugral issue of "FS Magazine" as an example of "the best of student journalism".
Technical background

Front page of the Exepos Open Day Special 2002
From 1995 to 2001, Exepos was produced using one Apple Power Macintosh 8515, one Power Macintosh 8600 and one Macintosh IIcx, each with a 21 inch CRT monitor, and running QuarkXPress 3.32 and Adobe Photoshop 4. The Editorial Office was located in a small room on Top Corridor (later known as Guild Corridor) within Devonshire House on Streatham Campus.
During post production each week, the pages and images were transferred to several 100MB Zip disks and physically taken down to the Express...(and so on)

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