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XDA Flame

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The XDA Flame is a PocketPC device (also called PDA or Personal Digital Assistant) first released in May 2007, manufactured by Arima Communications and originally distributed by O2 Asia Pacific & Middle East. This device belongs to a wide O2 XDA device family, including XDA Atom, XDA Atom Life, XDA Zinc, XDA Orbit (aka HTC Artemis), XDA Stealth, XDA II Mini (aka HTC Magician), XDA IIs (aka HTC Blueangel), XDA II (aka HTC Himalaya) and XDA (aka HTC Wallaby). It is one of the first PocketPC device that was enabled with 3D accelerated graphics nVidia's GoForce 5500 graphic processor (GPU). XDA Flame is also a 3G enabled phone (UMTS 2100 / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900) with VGA touch screen, 2GB flash memory, 128MB RAM, Intel XScale PXA 270 520 MHz processor and integrated FM radio.
1 Specifications
2 Brief history
3 Device issues
4 Maintenance
5 OS updating
6 Internal devices
7 Registry tweaks
8 Discussion forums
9 References
10 External links
AppearanceSize: 126 x 74 x 17.5 mm (5" x 2.9" x 0.7")Weight: 190g
DisplayType: TFT touch screenColors: 18bit (262144 colors)Resolution: 480 x 640 (VGA)Diagonal: 92 mm (3.6")Dot pitch: 0.115 mm / pxViewable area: 55.2 x 73.6 mm (2.2" x 2.9")
MemoryRAM: 128 MB (SDRAM)Flash (ROM): 2GB (NAND)Disk-on-chip: 64 MB
CPUType: Intel XScale PXA270Base clock speed: 208 MHzClock multiplier: x2.5Clock speed: 520 MHzInternal cache memory: 32 KB data / 32 KB instructionInstruction set: ARMv5TE
GPUType: nVidia GoForce 5500Clock speed: 200 MHzEmbedded SRAM: 640 KBStacked memory: 8MB
AudioChannels: stereoMicrophone: monoSampling: 16bit 44100 HzOutput: 2.5" jackSound system: SRS Surround Sound
Interfaces & peripheralsUSB version: 2.0 (host & client)USB OTG version: 1.2 compliantUSB connector: standard miniUSB type BUSB speed: Full Speed (1.5 MB / s)IrDA version: 1.2IrDA protocols: SIR, CIR (long distance)Bluetooth version: 1.2 or 2.0 (depends on the device version)WiFi: IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11gStorage card type: micro SDStorage card capacity: Up to 2GB (SDHC with software upgrade)
CameraFirst camera:Resolution: 1600 x 1200 (~2 MPx)Sensor type: CMOSDigital zoom: x8 (max)LED type: strobe ledAdditional features: autofocusSecond camera:Resolution: 320 x 240 (~0.3 MPx)Sensor type: CMOS
BatteryType: LiIonCapacity: 1620 mAhUsage time: 2-3 days / 1-2 days / 5 h(standby mode / standard usage / hard usage)
Additional functions
Light sensor (disabled by default)
Remote control capabilities
Brief history
In May 2007, O2 Asia Pacific & Middle East released the XDA Flame. O2's cooperation with nVidia and CodeMonkeys allowed this company to advertise their new product easily, because there was a big demand on the market for a 3D graphics enabled PDA, with a lot of internal memory and many additional functions like USB OTG and TV-out. However, at the end of 2007, O2 began to release new products and they stopped supporting this device, passing all copyrights to a new company called Mobile & Wireless Group (MWg). MWg has released XDA Flame under its own brand with Bluetooth 2.0. Many Flame owners felt a relief knowing that someone will still support their devices. Yet, after a half year, MWg resigned from further supporting this device on its main site and created O2 Asia Support where users can still get a support. In the near future MWg is planning to release a Flame successor called Flame II with probably Windows Mobile 7.
Device issues
XDA Flame has several software bugs. From the beginning MWg's support center have not released a new Windows Mobile 6 version since it appeared on the market. After some time a class action lawsuit page was established to raise awareness of the problem, similar to HTC TyTN II case.
(...)"We as customers have the right to demand fixes and support for a device that retailed for around $1500 dollars (expensive to say the least). We will also investigate a possible class action suit against O2 / MWG for this as well as lack of support. The class action law suit will only be a last resort if all else fails and information is been seeked on such an action at the moment. We hope that MWG shows itself to be the leading edge company it promotes itself to be and this not be necessary. However as of yet we have had only vague promises of Windows Mobile 6 coming to this device. What we ask is that MWG/O2 do as promised and publicly announce that they will ttempt to fix these issues and deliver Windows Mobile 6. We are all just looking to use what we purchased nothing more."(...) - Osborne T. MWG/O2 XDA Flame Unfulfilled Promises Class Action Lawsuit, 24th March 2008
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