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Straightheads poster
Directed by
Dan Reed
Produced by
Peter CarltonDamian JonesKevin LoaderAlexander O'NealLee ThomasPaul Trijbits
Written by
Dan Reed
Gillian AndersonDanny Dyer
Music by
Ilan Eshkeri
Distributed by
Verve PicturesSony Pictures (US)
Release date(s)
United KingdomApril 27, 2007
Running time
80 minutes
UK?1,800,000 (Estimated)
Straightheads is a 2007 British thriller film which follows couple who are seeking revenge against a group of men who brutally attacked them. It is written and directed by Dan Reed, who made his directorial dut.
The film features Gillian Anderson as Alice Comfort and Danny Dyer as Adam.
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After leaving a party, a couple are brutally attacked by a group of men. After the police fail in finding their assailants, the couple decide to go after the men. The film examines the emotional and sexual issues caused by both the original attack and the decision to seek revenge.
Adam, a 23-year-old self-employed security technician, is hired by a businesswoman, Alice Comfort, to set up a security system in her house. After finishing the work, Adam falls asleep on a lawnchair in her backyard. When Alice arrives home and finds him there, she impulsively asks him to accompany her to a housewarming party for her boss. He is unsure, but eventually agrees.
After a drive, Alice and Adam arrive at the party. Alice leaves Adam to speak to some people at the party. Adam leaves the house, feeling out of place. Alice later finds Adam outside in the backyard, then leads him into some nearby woods and they have sex.
On the way home from the party, Alice and Adam are caught behind a slow-moving vehicle, which Alice frustratedly overtakes whilst Adam shouts out obscenities at the driver. Shortly thereafter, Alice is distracted from driving and accidentally hits a deer. She brings the car to a stop, and they drag the body off the road. While they are moving the body, the car that Alice had earlier overtaken pulls up to them. Several men get out, beat Adam into submission, and then gang-rape Alice.
A month passes, during which Adam and Alice physically heal - the only reminder of the attack being an eyepatch that Adam must wear to protect an eye wound he received during the beating - but both remain emotionally wounded. Upon returning to work, Alice receives notification that, while she was hospitalized following her rape, her father died. Alice drives out to his country estate to put his affairs in order, where she discovers a locked chest that she recognizes from her childhood. On the way home, she passes by a group of men on horseback, one of which she recognizes as having raped her. She gets his name - Heffer - from one of the other men.
Alice then contacts Adam, and he makes his way to Alice's father's house where she tells him that she's found one of the men responsible for attacking them. Alice shows Adam the contents of her father's locked chest: a sniper rifle and silencer that her father apparently smuggled home after being discharged from the army. Alice then tells Adam that she intends to avenge herself against Heffer.
Adam and Alice move into Alice's father's home, and spend their days practising shooting with the rifle. After they have become proficient with it, they take a trip out to the edge of Heffer's land and begin plotting on the best way to kill him. During their reconnaissance, they learn that Heffer has a dog on his property, that attempts to attack them any time they near the house. Alice shoots the dog, then makes a remorseful Adam collect its corpse so that they can dispose of it. A moment later, Heffer comes outside looking for the dog; Alice prepares to shoot him when a young woman (later identified as Heffer's daughter, Sophie) comes out of the house to help find the dog. Alice and Adam, disturbed by seeing their attacker as a human being, return home.
Over the next several days Alice and Adam try to determine if they should follow through with their plan; Adam, who has been impotent since the attack, steadily becomes more aggressive and committed to the idea of murdering Heffer. Alice, however, has grown reluctant to kill Heffer now that she has seen him in a human context; instead, she sends Adam to clandestinely set up security equipment in Heffer's house in an attempt to determine the identities and locations of his friends who participated in the gang-rape, so that they can kill them instead.
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