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Vehicle glider

I had find many products about power steering kits from some websites such as

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A vehicle glider is vehicle without powertrain (especially, without engine). It is generally a brand new car, but can be used also a second hand car.
1 Glider makers
2 Glider kit
3 Used glider
4 See also
5 References
Glider makers
Unicell: truck bodies.[1]
Glider kit
A glider kit is a term for a kit used to restore or reconstruct a wrecked or dismantled tractor. All glider kits include a frame, front axle, and body (cab). The kit may also contain other optional components.
A motor vehicle constructed from a glider kit is titled as a new vehicle.
Used glider
One can get a glider from a used car. Parts removed from the engine vehicle are:
Radiator fan
A/C & A/C radiator
Gas tank, with fuel pipes and pumps and sensors.
Heater core
Brakes/Master cylinder
Muffler system
Radiator reservoirs
Wiper fluid reservoir
Power steering
Mount brackes
Heat panels
Spare tire
Dummy lights, gauges
Air intake/ cleaner
Factory radio
See also
Electric vehicle conversion
Ford Courier gliders.
Glider kit
Kit car
^ Unicell
Vehicle glider cost
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Air Filter Combination

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