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I had find many products about baby blanket bag from some websites such as

Promotional Non Woven Bag

Features: 1) Size: 41w x 34h x 10g cm 2) Material: non woven 3) Weight: 80gsm 4) Handle: non woven 5)..

paper shopping bag making machine

1. Brief description This machine is for making square bottom paper bag with printed or non-printed..

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For other uses, see Blanket (disambiguation).

A painting by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec of two people under a blanket
A blanket is a type of bedding, generally speaking a large piece of cloth, intended to keep the user warm, especially while sleeping. Blankets are distinguished from sheets by their thickness and purpose; the thickest sheet is still thinner than the lightest blanket, because blankets are for warmth, while sheets are for hygiene, comfort and aesthetics. Blankets are subdivided into many types, including quilts, duvets, and comforters, depending on their thickness, construction and/or fill material. Electric blankets are heated by electricity. Blankets were traditionally made of wool because of wool's warmth, breathability and natural fire-retardant properties, while sheets were made of cotton or linen, which are less irritating to the skin. These days, synthetic fibers are frequently used for both. Throw blankets are smaller blankets, often in decorative colors and patterns, that can be used for extra warmth outside of bed.
1 Etymology
2 Use as a ground cloth
3 Use in firefighting
4 Use in moving of household goods
5 Use in horse care
6 Use in keeping heat within the body
7 References
8 See also
The name is derived from Anglo-French blankete, from blanc, "white". [1]
Use as a ground cloth
Blankets may also be used on the ground for a picnic or other places where people want to sit in a grassy or muddy area without soiling their clothing. Temporary blankets have been designed for this purpose, although their inherent wastefulness is a chief concern of several environmental groups.[citation needed]
Use in firefighting
Specialized blankets known as fire blankets may be used by firefighters to protect furnishings from water damage during firefighting. Firefighters often wear specialized variants of the fire blanket to protect themselves as well.
Use in moving of household goods
Thick quilted and durable blankets are used as protective covers and cushioning when furnishings are moved.
Use in horse care
A warming coat for a horse is called a horse blanket, intended to prevent the development of a shaggy winter coat of hair. A small saddle blanket protects the horse's skin from chafing by the pressure points of a saddle.
Use in keeping heat within the body
To keep warmth inside the body, a blanket can be used to cover one's skin and keep the warmth in. Many kinds of blankets, such as wool are used because they are thicker and have more substantial fabric to them, but cotton can also be used for light blankets.
^ Dictionary definition
See also
Look up blanket inWiktionary, the free dictionary.
Blanket fort
Hudson's Bay point blanket
Sleeping bag
Security blanket
Horse blanket

Sleep stages
Rapid eye movement sleep Non-rapid eye movement sleep Slow-wave sleep
Brain waves
Alpha wave Beta wave Gamma wave Delta wave Theta rhythm
Sleep disorders
Advanced sleep phase syndrome Automatic behavior Circadian rhythm sleep disorder Delayed sleep phase syndrome Dyssomnia Hypersomnia Insomnia Narcolepsy Night eating syndrome Night terror Nocturia Nocturnal myoclonus Non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome Obesity hypoventilation syndrome Ondine's curse Parasomnia Sleep apnea Sleep deprivation Sleeping sickness Sleepwalking Somniloquy
Benign phenomena
Dream Exploding head syndrome False awakening Hypnagogia Hypnic jerk Lucid dream Nightmare Nocturnal emission Sleep paralysis Somnolence
Related topics
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